DevOps at the Future Convention

DevOps at the Future Convention

The Future Convention was organised by the German Association for Postal, Information Technology and Telecommunications (DVPT) on 4th September 2019 in Wiesloch, Germany. Prof. Dr. Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann, University of Applied Management Studies Mannheim (HDWM) represented the DevOps project at the event. The future convention audience included business, administrative and educational bodies, as well as the mayor of Wiesloch.

Prof Kaufmann took the opportunity to present the DevOps Competencies in Smart Cities project, since the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) is one of the academic partners of the Future Convention. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Hans-Rüdiger Kaufmann from the German DevOps team is also in the science jury for the future award, which took place as well in the future convention. 

Prof. Kaufmann presented general information related to the changes triggered by big data and IoT, elements of the smart city. Smart city definition and practical examples for smart city application were introduced. This introduction was followed by the research gap, the hypotheses, the research method, the participants and the objectives of DevOps project. The project 1-pager was distributed to all of the participants.

The DevOps presentation took place on the 4th of September between 12-12.30 was presented in the science keynotes stage as one of other six different presentations. Future Convention, in general, is an event, where new ideas, concepts, business models and innovations are be presented and later awarded. 

The main highlights of the event were the key notes, the presentations of 130 innovations mainly related to digitalization and the award of the winning innovations. The DevOps project raised a high interest among the participants, who showed deep engagement reflected in several dedicated comments.

The participants interacted with prof. Kaufmann for more elaboration on this topic. They agreed on the importance of this topic as the Smart City topic is increasingly important. Questions related to the DevOps term and the competences related to it, how and where the results of the project are going to be implemented.