Smart DevOps project at 1st Plug & Play Conference RestartMAIcity

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Smart DevOps project at 1st Plug & Play Conference RestartMAIcity

Two representatives of the DevOps project participated in the 1st Plug & Play RestartmAICity conference in Trikala on September 26 – 28, 2019: Leonidas ANTHOPOULOS from the UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY and Christos ZIOZIAS from CitiesNet (ANAPTYXIAKI DIADIMOTIKI ETERIA PSIFIAKES POLIS KENTRIKIS ELLADAS).

The event was organized by the Municipality of Trikala (who is member of CitiesNet) and brought together many Municipal Authorities and smart city stakeholders (private companies, institutions etc.), to discuss the present and the future of Smart City in Greece. As such, there was a clear connection between the conference purpose, the EU Urban Agenda, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and of course, the objectives of the Smart DevOps project.

Presenters and representatives from the Municipal Authorities in Greece opened a discussion on the existing policies and the applicable technological solutions, in order to meet the Smart City objectives, which among others concern the transformation of cities to more friendly, functional, modern and safe.

In his presentation, Professor Anthopoulos included information about the smart DevOps project, while the two representatives interviewed city representatives for the project purposes. Moreover, the representatives discussed its scope and objectives with other conference attendants, who found Smart DevOps of extreme interest and especially the part that refers to the training of their municipal employees who design or run smart public services.