The University of Applied Management Studies, or Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management (HdWM) as we are called in German, is a private Management School, fully accredited by the state of Baden-Württemberg. It was founded in 2011 in Mannheim, Germany, and currently has around 500 students. The university offers a range of practically oriented bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in German and English. HdWM is specialised in the fields of management, business psychology and social work. All degree programmes are based on a unique study model that combines a full-time study course with the advantages of a practical education. During their studies, the students get to know a variety of potential employers and in turn, the partner companies get to know the students as their potential future employees. HdWM puts emphasis on student support and personal growth. The main aim is to prepare the students for their future career, allowing HdWM graduates a smooth transition into the working world and good career options. In addition to the extensive network of partner companies, HdWM also offers a broad network of international partner universities, giving students the chance to gain intercultural experience during an exchange semester.

Next to the study courses, HdWM offers a wide range of further education programmes in business- and integrational management. These can be one-day seminars, selected modules from the HdWM master’s programmes, and even two-year courses which are awarded with a certificate.

The main shareholder of HdWM, the International Bund (IB), has been making a valuable contribution to the education market for years. The holding company as a non-profit organisation is thus solid as a business, well-established and secure.