Enrol in the State of the Art Specialisation Courses for Smart City Professionals

Then Smart-DevOps Specialisation Courses might be for you!

The Smart-DevOps Consortium invites you to join one of the specialisation courses for three job profiles in the Smart City Sector:

The courses were developed in the DevOps Competences for Smart Cities (Smart-DevOps) project that addresses the shortage of digital and transferrable skills in the municipalities’ smart cities sector and supports this sector’s employees in their professional development. The project benefits smart cities and municipalities which aim to adopt the DevOps culture, principles, and practices by introducing DevOps professional profiles.

The desk and field research done in Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Italy, has identified the most competitive and high valued skills and competences, 42 in total, for Smart City Professionals. Based on the research, the project consortium developed the three Smart Cities job profiles above and the most suitable courses for each profile.

For each profile, a specialised curriculum was developed to provide individuals with the required set of skills and competences and to address the identified needs of the Smart City and municipal administrations.

Smart DevOps Specialisation Courses offer:

Course Duration

February – August 2021 (Blended Course)
July – October 2021 (Work-based learning)

Course Language

English, German, Greek or Italian
(depending on your residing country)

Course Costs


Deadline For Registrations

17 February 2021

If you have any questions about the registration process do not hesitate to contact us.