DevOps as a case study in SMARTIES’ webinar

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DevOps as a case study in SMARTIES’ webinar

Modern society and new technologies changed a lot social, economic and professional backgrounds for many people. It has become important to understand the possible gap in different sectors and municipal workforce is one of them.

Several European projects are working on identifying the main tools and methodologies to reduce the people and municipalities gap.

One of these is DevOps Competences for Smart Cities (Smart DevOps), a KA2 Sector Skills Alliances project, that addresses the gap between today’s and future’s skills demands of municipal workforce by emphasizing on the exploitation of emerging employment. The project also works on the shortage of digital and transferrable skills of public sector employees working in smart cities and will support them in their professional development.

The project has already developed Job role profiles, VET curricula, a MOOC consisting of the basic competences of the new job role as well as a Specialisation Course.

In March, DevOps was promoted as case study, during a set of Webinars within the KA2 project SMARTIES – Smart Skills Development, in the Module 9 titled “Smart governance and role of leadership in Smart cities, Emerging employment paradigms for Smart Cities”.

DevOps is a set of practices that combines both software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops), it aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

The actions developed by the project and shown during the meeting by Sergio Farrugia, Physics graduate and Geo-ICT consultant, are:

  • Analysis of training needs and definition of new professional profiles in the field of Smart Cities;
  • Design and testing of a blended training course with a focus on public employees;
  • Organization of annual events for the dissemination of project results;
  • Establishment of a pool of experts for participation in transnational meetings and content evaluation;

79 participants attended the webinar, 26 evaluation questionnaires were collected, in particular:

  • 12 from the higher education field (46%)
  • 4 from municipality field (15,4%)
  • 3 from the business field (11,5%)
  • 1 from a young graduate (3,8%)
  • 1 company intern (3,8%)

Author: Valentina Brilli (Stati Generali dell’Innovazione)
Photo: Smart Skills Development project

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