Does your city face a specific challenge during COVID-19?

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Does your city face a specific challenge during COVID-19?

European Digital SME Alliance have collected solutions to improve the situation and help enterprises work during the pandemic.

  • Smart working solutions help you and your team stay connected and productive during social isolation.
  • eHealth solutions offer vital assistance to actors in the health sector.
  • Entertainment solutions keep you motivated and mentally strong in this challenging time.
  • 3D printing to produce life-saving parts for respiration machines.
  • and many more digital solutions help businesses, citizens and public administrations to continue their work during social isolation.

In addition to the catalogue, DIGITAL SME and OASC call for city administrations to present their challenges in times of COVID-19. Are you struggling to connect producers of ventilators with manufacturers of parts? Do you need a robust and scalable e-health software solution that can monitor patients’ vitals remotely? Innovative European SMEs have many Digital Solutions that can help you!

You can submit your challenge and they will reach out to their network of digital enterprises to help you tackle it.

Simply fill out the form here, and they will put you in touch with the right partner as soon as possible!