REAL CORP 2020 – Special Call for Papers

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REAL CORP 2020 – Special Call for Papers

The REAL CORP “Shaping Urban Change / Livable City Regions for the 21st Century” conference has moved its dates from April to September 2020 and announced the special call for papers during 30 April – 15 July under the topic of

Emergencies, Disasters, Epidemics and the Role of Urban Planning

  • Looking back on the acute crisis: Where did a failure of the public authorities manifest itself and to what extent were these effects felt? What mistakes could have been made? Would they have been avoidable?
  • Your personal experience of the crisis situation: How did your country, your city, your business and personal environment react to the new challenges?
  • Which role will scenarios play in future planning? What do we have to take into account in the future to be able to react to spontaneous events? What methods and resources will be required for this?
  • The technical side of the crisis: What role do simulation and scenario tools play? Would their use be expandable or are they not yet mature enough for this? “Corona Apps”: Can (location-based) Big Data be used to better master the crisis or is this just a perfidious pretext to get even closer to the transparent human being?
  • The ethical component of the crisis – how far can restrictions go, how can they be balanced with the negative consequences of the pandemic? What does this mean for the future availability of data and what will this change in planning practise?
  • Long-term effects of the pandemic: Will there be far-reaching social and economic changes? Which local and regional effects induced by the sudden short-term halt to globalisation will remain or have lasting effects? Do we need to redefine gLOCALisation?
  • Will neighbourhoods change in the future and will public space take on a new meaning?
  • Which participation tools will be obsolete in the future and which will be added?
  • Can planning already take measures now to avert similar events in the future?

Your contribution does not have to be a finished full paper. In the first step the organisers will collect all submissions and on this basisgive the special programme item a framework and format. Parts of the special programme will be dealt with directly at the conference, other parts will take place online, and there will also be the possibility to contribute directly to the conference via online statements.

As the second step, you will have the opportunity to submit your contribution in an adequate scope, depending on the available time, budget, and the content framework, this may be:

  • Abstract
  • Extended abstract (long abstract)
  • Full non-reviewed paper
  • Full reviewed paper (depending on the availability of our reviewer team)
  • Field report
  • Impulse statement
  • … or another format according to your suggestions.

Learn all the details on how to participate and submit your paper on the conference website here