REGISTER for Smart DevOps Specialisation Courses

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REGISTER for Smart DevOps Specialisation Courses

The Smart DevOps Consortium invites you to join one of the specialisation courses for three job profiles in the Smart City Sector:


We developed the course to address the shortage of digital and transferrable skills in the municipalities’ smart cities sector and supports this sector’s employees in their professional development.

Courses consist of a Blended Course (February – August 2021) and Work-based Learning (July – October 2021) and are available for the municipal and city professional and university students interested in the topic from Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Italy.

Upon completion trainees, will receive a certificate in line with ECVET and EQF frameworks. There is NO FEE to attend the courses.

Smart DevOps Specialisation Courses offer:

  • Unique learning opportunity for professionals and higher education students operating in the municipal and Smart City related fields from Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Italy
  • Modular design of educational material and course curriculums which enables flexible and personalized learning pathways
  • Combination of blended and work-based learning that enables acquisition of essential competences and their utilisation through hands-on experience in municipal working environments
  • Self-paced and flexible weekly schedule that can be combined with working and study obligations
  • Continuous support from trainers and mentors for achieving the best learning results
  • Curricula in line with the requirements of the EQF and ECVET that enable transparency, comparability and validation of learning outcomes and enhance upskilling and mobility of the professionals
  • Certificates upon successful completion of the course.

Deadline for registrations: 17 February 2021