The Smart DevOps Italian Stakeholders’ Community is rising – Part I

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The Smart DevOps Italian Stakeholders’ Community is rising – Part I

Last 6thJuly the first Italian Smart DevOps workshop took place. The event has been organised by Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, SGI, in the framework of its annual meeting, this year held at Bevagna, a nice town in the Umbria region. 

Among the main objectives SGI pursues is mitigating the lack of digital competences and skills for the development of Smart Cities. For that reason, Smart DevOps is an exciting opportunity for the association, to improve the commitment to such issues and increase the expert members’ network on this matter. In particular, this objective is in accordance with the project task assigned to SGI, concerning the establishment of a pool of experts on the topic of Smart Cities for the validation of the training material produced throughout the project.

SGI members and supporters attended the workshop had the opportunity to listen to presentations on various current topics related both to Smart City process and DevOps methodology, elaborated and illustrated by experts in the matter, specifically:

  • Resilience of Smart Cities, presented by Sandro Bologna of the Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures Experts
  • 5G elixir for a Smart City, presented by Michele Luglio of the University of Roma Tor Vergata
  • DevOps Approach to Smart City take-off, presented by Sandro Fontana, Security Architect, GT 50
  • ISO 25000 Quality and Certification of Software and Data. Possible future impacts for new technologies: DevOps and Smart Cities approaches, presented by Domenico Natale, Expert of Software Engineering
  • Homo geographicus and Smart Cities, presented by Sergio Farruggia Expert of Geo-ICT 

Participants then had the chance to debate on the rapporteurs’ views.

Speakers and participants greatly appreciated the workshop contents and the opportunity offered by SGI to involve them in the discussion. 

After such a positive response, we decided that it is worth sharing the workshop speeches’ reports with a wider audience through the Smart DevOps website. Below, the first two contributions quoted above are presented. A further post will be provided with the remaining three: stay tuned!

Comments are welcome!

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