DevOps at the EUROMED Academy of Business (ΕΜΑΒ) Conference

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DevOps at the EUROMED Academy of Business (ΕΜΑΒ) Conference

The 12th EUROMED Academy of Business Conference was organised in Thessaloniki, Greece on 20th of September 2019 by the Euro Med Research Business Institute and the College of Management Academic Studies. The audience consisted of interest groups from academic and educational bodies.

Prof. Dr. Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann from DevOps partner University of Applied Management Studies Mannheim, (HDWM) represented the DevOps project at the event. The presentation took place on 20th September in Session 4, Track 46 ‘Technology and Innovation in Business and Society’ between 10:30-12:00 as one of other four different presentations

Business management theories and practices in a Dynamic Competitive Environment were presented at the event. Prof. Kaufmann presented general information related to continuous data driven changes, dynamic changes in smart cities, the six elements of smart cities. DevOps and citizen perspectives were introduced. This was followed by outlining the research gaps, nexus between smart city applications and academic models for smart city planning, the research hypotheses, the research method, the participants and the objectives of the DevOps project.

The DevOps project raised the interest on how education and training could play a major role to shrink the large and growing digital competence gap of smart city and how education could tackle the competence gap to support smart city managers and employees of municipal administrations.