Download your Smart Cities Body of Knowledge book

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Download your Smart Cities Body of Knowledge book

Since 2019 when DevOps Competences for Smart Cities project began several milestones were realized:

Smart Cities Body of Knowledge book collects research, analysis and deliverables done in the last three years and organizes them in what is the first attempt to systematically approach the topic of required smart cities competences. Moreover, the addresses the main question regarding the need of specialized professionals for the development of smart cities and whether this specialization constitutes one or more new, discrete profession(s).

The professions and skills presented were derived from various viewpoints, as well as from an international perspective through laborious market research. This research was conducted in the context of the Smart DevOps project, concluding that three new job professions with competences from four distinctive groups, are needed for smart city professionals, namely: Smart City Planner, Smart City IT Manager and Smart City IT Officer.

Furthermore, this is a particularly informative and useful book, the content of which you not only need but one must also master, to develop their respective competences for smart city. This book provides a significant contribution to achieving that. This is also the first international book covering smart city professionals’ needs and competences, which makes it not only unique but also important. It offers every smart city stakeholder the opportunity to learn, understand, and apply these smart city competences.

It is important to note that this is the first version of this book. Smart cities ecosystem is a complex, self-organizing,
and dynamic system of systems which is evolving constantly. As such, the findings presented in this SCBoK should be regularly re-evaluated and updated, which is also the case for other existing “Bodies of Knowledge”.

Smart city professions and their development has taken a significant first step with Smart DevOps project; however, much remains to be done. The recognition of these new professional needs, by society and the market, alike is an important step that must be taken. However, this is not the only one. We can enumerate some further actions needed: development of a certification schema, promotion of these new professions, and others.

Text by Prof. Panos Fitsilis and Prof. Angelika Kokkinaki

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