Smart Employees for Smart Cities Conference

Smart Employees for Smart Cities Conference

On Thursday, 25 November, from 9:30-13:15 CET, the DevOps competences for Smart Cities (Smart DevOps) project consortium will hold a final project’s online conference titled Smart Employees for Smart Cities. Those attending will have the opportunity to learn how to bridge the gap between today’s and future’s skills demands of the municipal workforce. 

Smart cities are complex ecosystems that use information and communication technologies for helping their citizens and organizations deal with the challenges of urbanization, safety, resilience, and sustainability. Their creation is a long and laborious transformation that should not be considered mainly as a technical challenge but as a movement to create citizen-centred ecosystems that improve quality of life and stimulate economic activity.

A highly skilled workforce is key in rendering smart city ecosystems a reality. Even though billions of euros are invested in technological or urban development, not sufficient effort has been spent in training the necessary workforce with the skills needed in smart cities ecosystems.

The Smart DevOps project aims to close the gap between today’s and future’s skills demands of the municipal workforce by emphasizing the exploitation of emerging employment paradigms such as DevOps. The key advantage of DevOps is that it allows to innovate and rapidly deploy innovative solutions for the citizens. This was the premise and also a starting point of the DevOps competences for Smart Cities project.

At the final conference, we will present project deliverables, pilot activities results and facilitate discussions about the future of skills development in the Smart Cities sector. Specifically, you will hear about and be able to discuss:

  • Key transversal and specific competencies for Smart Cities professionals
  • 3 new emerging Smart City job profiles (Smart City Planner, Smart City IT Manager, Smart City IT Officer)
  • Vocational Curricula for the three job profiles delivered through the Massive Online Open Course and Specialisation Courses 
  • Results of extensive pilot training attended by hundreds of trainees
  • Smart City Body of Knowledge
  • A growing community of Smart Cities stakeholders (IT and tech experts, public officials and employees)
The conference targets individuals and representatives of associations, institutions and business from local, national and European level. The list below is not exhaustive:  
  • Smart Cities professionals
  • IT experts
  • VET providers
  • Decision-makers
  • Policy-makers 
  • Consultants 
  • Researchers 

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